How can i make erectile dysfunction go away?

If you're having trouble quitting smoking, get help. Being overweight can cause or worsen erectile dysfunction. Include physical activity in your daily routine. Get treatment for alcohol or drug problems.

The best treatments for erectile dysfunction may include natural remedies, such as changes in diet and alcohol consumption, and medications prescribed by the doctor. Treatment for erectile dysfunction begins with caring for heart and vascular health. The doctor can indicate “risk factors” that can be changed or improved. Your primary care doctor will also check to see if diseases that contribute to erectile dysfunction are being treated properly.

Intracavernous pharmaceutical therapy is a safe and effective treatment approved by the FDA for erectile dysfunction. The treatment aims to correct or improve erectile function, help circulatory health and improve men's quality of life. Smoking and drinking a lot of alcohol increase the risk of erectile dysfunction by reducing blood flow to the penis, which prevents the penis from achieving an erection. When blood flow is limited or veins, nerves, or muscles are affected, men begin to have symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

If you have unsuccessfully explored alternative therapies for erectile dysfunction, you should consider using Pulsewave RX therapy or effective intracavernous pharmaceutical therapy. The treatment has been used effectively to treat erectile dysfunction, although it is most effective when combined with other erectile dysfunction therapies. This erectile dysfunction therapy involves injecting erectile dysfunction medication into the base of the penis to achieve an erection.

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